Sign-up for MUSH Synnfjell 2018 opens on Monday, October 2rd at 8pm.
Send an email to the organizing group in Torpa IL, elivg@online.no

We need the mushers name, place/club, email address and phone number. A confirmation will be sent out as soon as your email is received and registered.

There is a 60 team limit. First come, first serve. There will be a waiting list, and everyone will be held updated on the status of the waiting list.

The entry fee is NOK 1500 which includes a dinner at Spåtind Sport Hotel on Friday, January 5st 2018.

The entry fee is paid to account number 1503 48 15043 (Torpa Idrettslag, MUSH Synnfjell). Payment needs to be registered by October 12th , 2016 or you will be removed from the mushers list.

A paid entry fee is NOT refundet.

Spåtind Sport Hotel has a good deal during MUSH Synnfjell, information will be published.

About the Race

MUSH Synnfjell 2017 will be a common start event as in previous years, with the start taking place at Spåtind Sport Hotell.
The Race start will take place on Saturday, 06.01.18, at 13.00. .
The first teams are expected to reach the finish line Sunday before noon.

A description of the trail will be provided under «Løypa 2018», when the GPS-track is ready.

The finish line is moved from the downhill slope at Spåtind Sport Hotell, to below/behind the hotel (as in 2016).

There will be mandatory rest at the checkpoints and normal timekeeping.

All teams must undergo a mandatory veterinary exam during the race. This exam will be performed at one of the checkpoints.

MUSH Synnfjell 2018 has two checkpoints, checkpoint at Spåtind Sport Hotell and checkpoint Fløyterdammen.

Food and drinks can be bought at checkpoint Spåtind Sport Hotell.

The wilderness checkpoint Fløyterdammen offers bonfire, coffee, water and straw.

There will be a time limit, but you have to cross the finishline before 17.00 om sunday.

Rules and equipement

At the mushers meeting you will be asked to sign a musher release stating that you are running Mush Synfjell at your own risk and follow the rules of this race.

The musher shall be 100% self-sufficient during the race. No outside assistance is allowed.  Food and drinks can be bought at checkpoint Spåtind Sport Hotell, but not at Fløyterdammen.

Information about dogdrop will be given at the mushers-meeting.

The musher is responsible to clean straw and put it at a designated place, both at checkpoint Halden and Fløytedammen.

There will be normal timekeeping and mandatory rest at the checkpoints, 4 hours at Spåtind Sport Hotell and 5 at Fløyterdammen.

The Start

The dogs shall be ready and staked out behind the sled. Sleeping bag, food cooker and wind bag shall lie next to the sled. The musher shall lie in his sleeping bag at the time of the start, without shoes and outer layer cloth.
The dogs can be bootied prior to the start but cannot be in harness.

The steak out line can remain at the start. You will have to provide a piece of wood or snow hook that is dug in the snow on one side of the steak out chain. Bring enough snow hooks.

The handlers can help with securing the dogs also after the start.

The entire process from getting out of your sleeping bag, get dressed, pack the sled, harness the dogs, pull the hook and leave has to take place after the start and WITHOUT help.

Mandatory equipment

  • Magnetic compass, map over the area or GPS with a map
  • Snow shovel
  • Ax or big knife (at least 20cm blade)
  • Proper cold weather sleeping bag weighing at least 2kg
  • Insulated wind bag or tent
  • Sleeping pad, at least 0.5 x1.2m
  • Food cooker and pot, capable of cooking at least 0.5 l per dog in the team at once.
  • One food bowl per dog (still in the team)
  • Fuel for the cooker, at least 1 L
  • Matches
  • Garbage bag, 8 pc for straw
  • Glow stick or flare pen (carried in a pocket on the musher)
  • First aid equipment
  • Headlamp and batteries
  • Spare cloth (complete change of cloth & footwear)
  • 4 bootis per dog in the sled
  • Emergency food for the musher
  • Emergency food for the dogs, 0.5 kg per dog in the team